Sow & Grow Regenerative


Are you passionate about nature?

Would you like to enjoy your private space in the company of nature and be able to relax into your senses?

Imagine being able be at peace in your own sanctuary and have your senses stimulated by the nature around you, feeling like you are part of it. Whether you would want a garden full of ornamentals, enjoy your fruits of an edible landscape, an area where you can take comfort and relax into your private space or a combination of them all…..

Then you are in the right place.

John Metcalf, is a Permaculture Designer, Regenerative Soil Consultant, Land Steward, Climate Observer, Teacher & Student of Nature.

Studying to deepen his knowledge of  life  from the microcosm to the macrocosm, for the past 14 years has been researching a broad spectrum of disciplines to understand the patterns and cycles within the natural world; including ancient civilizations, astrology, electric universe theory, geology, natural climate variability, soil biology, philosophy and psychology.

Gaining his ‘Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate’ (APDC) with  Matt Powers, who is one the leading permaculture and regenerative soil teachers in the world. Having just completed the course ‘Regenerative Soil’, to deepen his understanding of microcosmic world of microbes and the fundamental role they have in the soil and our bodies. This has given him the experience of diving deep into the biological, chemical, electrical and physical aspects of the soil and how they form a cohesive relationship.

He also has many years experience in writing and delivering workshops, public speaking and mentoring people to create a regenerative and holistic lifestyle.

His mission is to empower individuals and groups to create their own path of self-resilience, food sovereignty & freedom and community cohesion through the understanding of how we shift our perspective from linear thinking the cyclical thinking or creating a Regenerative Mindset. From Scarcity to Abundance.

Regenerative and Permaculture principles lay out very clearly how the holistic ecosystem over time is climatically resilient, economically profitable and promotes health and abundance for all living individual and collective organisms.

How I Work With You

I am continually growing and expanding my understanding, skill set, mindset and heart space to help people become more self-sufficient, more regenerative and create more localised communities. If you want to learn how to grow food, save seeds, make compost, create regenerative self supporting systems and prepare for a more fulfilling and natural life, then I am here to facilitate that change for you.

As our environment and society change more rapidly than ever in modern history, we have the opportunity to observe, reflect and take action. Just as in permaculture the art of observation and reflection are vital in making effective causes for permanent effects.

Rising food and energy prices, as well as larger economic uncertainty are enough to scare and disempower anyone. I have felt like this too!  We all have our own unique passions and experiences that we can share with others and bring to life our own unique purpose. It all begins with believing we can make a difference, and being empowered to take action.

Having a healthy and abundant mindset is more important than resources. A person can have all the money or skills necessary but never apply them to be successful. Nature is the wisest teacher and creating a connection will empower you to grow exponentially

My purpose is to help you to become self-resilient, create community and build new cyclical and healthy systems that grow with you.

This is why I created Sow & Grow. It is my mission and purpose in life.

My philosophy is based on empowerment. It’s not about telling you what to do-although I can give you the framework, methodologies and techniques. Really it is about creating a relationship with you so I can understand what your expectations and goals are and how you want to contribute to and connect with nature.

Permaculture/Landscape Designs, Regenerative, Soil Management  & Holistic Coaching are all covered in my daily rate. If you require me to carry out soil tests, these come at an extra charge.

You will have my full commitment to you and your goals and of course my full transparency. I aim to work with you for a long as is necessary to give you the tools you require to live a regenerative life.

Please look at my services below to find out more